Community Outreach





With the holiday season just around the corner, we all like to give back to the less fortunate. We all have busy schedules and limited time, so we are here to make it most convenient for you to help our communities. We will be collecting any donations for Second Harvest Food Bank and a Portion of Le Melange Snack Box will be donated to The Bill Wilson Center. All Second Harvest Food Bank donations will be collected when we deliver to you! Just let the Le Shoppe representative know.

Acceptable foods for donation

October: donations to the following Breast Cancer Foundations

  1. HERS Breast Cancer Foundation (Stanford, Pleasanton, Fremont)
  2. Breast Cancer Fund (San Francisco)
  3. Bay Area Cancer Connection (Palo Alto)


October: Donations to Susan G. Komen


Congratulations to our silicon valley champions, the Le Shoppe softball team for winning the twin peaks tournament 2013.




Have any ideas for community service? Do you have a cause that can benefit our community? please do not hesitate to contact us