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Sale list – Subject to availability

Strain Quantity Amount
God’s Gift Budlets 7.1g $80.00
GSC Budlets 7.1g $80.00
Skywalker OG Budlets 7.1g $80.00
Triple X Og Budlets 7.1g $80.00
Jack Haze Budlets 7.1g $75.00
White Fire Budlets 7.1g $75.00
Strawberry Kush 7.1g $60.00
NorCal OG 7.1g $60.00
Bubba OG 21g $125.00
Bubba OG 28.4g $200.00
Purple Champagne 4g $35.00
Game Changer Budlets 4g $50.00
Skywalker OG Budlets 4g $50.00
NorCal OG 28.4g $150.00
Gorilla Glue 28.4g $150.00
Blue Diesel *untrimmed* 28.4g $100.00
Grape Ape 4g $40.00
Mr. Nice 4g $40.00
Green Ribbon 4g $40.00
Black Jack Matrix 4g $40.00
Agent Jack *indoor* 4g $45.00
Orange Fire 7.1g $75.00
Do-Si-Dos 4g $45.00
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Taffy Tuesdays

Taffy Tuesdays:

$25/g for all Taffy waxes (Every Tuesday – restrictions may apply)

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Wax Wednesdays

Our Patient’s favorite!

Order three waxes and get the forth for free (must be equal or lesser of the average value of the first three).

*restrictions apply

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Budlet Deals

Our ongoing promotion on budlets (subject to availability).


*Budlets are smaller buds, about the size of a dime.
Pros: Budlets have less stems and sticks
Cons: Budlets may lack bag appeal – which explains the lower Suggested Donation.
*You will grind it anyways.


Stay Medicated

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